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Our Rolled Ice Cream

Each flavor can be made with our homemade cream base or dairy-free base(+$1)! All rolls are fully customizable and you can even create your own. All of these flavors can also be made into an ice cream taco with our homemade waffle cone shell!

Click the button below to meet the inspiration behind each roll! 


The Annie

This roll is simple, yet still sweet! The Annie features strawberries, bananas, and nutella. Add-in some caramel or chocolate syrup for extra sweetness!


The Gucci

Who doesn't love S'mores? This roll features toasted marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers. It'll definitely leave you wanting S'more!


The Elle Belly

This roll is reminiscent of a churro with its cinnamon sugary flavor. This roll features graham crackers and a dash of cinnamon. Or maybe a bit more than a dash!


The Levi

Our classic cookies & cream flavor. Oreos and chocolate syrup are the stars of this roll!


The Norman

A rich salted caramel roll with pretzels and chocolate! A perfect roll to make your own by adding in your pick of add-in ingredients.


The Tito

This roll is for all the coffee lovers out there! Espresso powder, Biscotti cookies, chocolate, and caramel are the stars of this roll!


The Patrick

Have you ever heard of a salted caramel brownie? That is exactly what this roll is with its brownie bits, caramel, and sea salt all mixed in.


The Rite

Mint chocolate Oreos. Do we need to say more?



A Crowd Favorite! Our take on classic banana pudding. This roll features bananas and nilla wafers!


The Opal

This is for the kid in us all! This roll features the beloved breakfast cereal, fruity pebbles, mixed with caramel.


The Chico

Our version of a key lime pie! This roll features key lime juice, graham crackers, and whipped cream.


The Elvis

Our take on the King's classic sandwich! Made up of Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jelly, Bananas, and Honey. Add bacon if you're feeling adventurous!


The Larry

For all the birthday cake lovers out there, this one is for you! This roll is made with cake mix, birthday sprinkles, and caramel and chocolate drizzles.


The Amy

Strawberries, graham crackers, and cake mix are the stars of this roll! Perfect when you want something fresh and sweet!

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