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Our Roots

What started out as just a little idea thought up on a trip to Breckenridge, CO, has now flourished into a real life business! After visiting a rolled ice cream shop, our family decided this business would be the perfect addition to Abilene. 

Not only does rolled ice cream taste amazing, it is also a super fun experience! Children and adults alike will love watching their ice cream be made right in front of them. There's nothing cooler than watching your ice cream start out as some cream and transform into a delicious treat right in front of your eyes!


Our pets mean everything to us, so we decided to handcraft each flavor to match each of their personalities and looks! We created this section for our customers to learn a little bit more about each adorable pet. Whether your a dog person, cat person, or even a horse person, we have  at least one of each. In case you're wondering, we definitely have more pets than we do flavors!

Elvis Sunset_edited.jpg


Elvis was our beloved Double-Dappled Dachshund! We had Elvis for 13 years before he passed away a few years ago, but his memory will live on with us forever. He loved posing for pictures and traveling to new places! Our Elvis might not have been the King of Rock'n'Roll, but he sure was the King of our household.


Gucci is an adorable Pomeranian that loves to do handstands and go for walks down to the barn. We inherited Gucci from our late Mema, Elke Boaz, and he was the light of her life. He now lives the life of luxury, sleeping in his own dog bed most days.

Good Levi pic_edited.jpg


Levi is one of the newest additions to our family. He loves to play with Tito and lounge on pool floats during the summer. Fun fact: If you switch the first two letters of Levi, it spells Elvi, which was our old dachshund's nickname!


Tito is a Yorkshire Terrier who just happens to have insanely long legs. Tito loves to play with Levi and share chairs with his owners.

Tito with sweater.jpg
Opal rolling.jpg


Opal was rescued from the middle road when she was barely a month old. While she was tiny for the first half, Opal has gained quite a bit of weight recently, but that hasn't stopped her. She still loves to cuddle with her owners all night and chase birds all day


Annie is a red roan Appaloosa mare who is loved by everyone. She loves her owner, Olivia, and together they have won four World Championship titles. Annie is now retired in a pasture at Rockin' U Ranch, but still enjoys going for rides every once in awhile.

Annie_s Face.jpg
Elle Belly.jpg


Elle is a dark chestnut Quarter Horse who loves to run barrels. Actually, nowadays she loves to relax in the pasture because she is retired. A fun fact about Elle is that she actually has a rare disorder called Narcolepsy, which makes her fall asleep randomly and suddenly.


Norman is a highly energetic Brittany Spaniel who make sure every inch of the ranch is secured on his daily runs. His favorite thing to do is to go for a swim on a hot summer's day. He also loves to show off all the stuffed animals he has collected over the years.

Norman Sunset.jpg
Rita Pic.jpg


Rita is the queen of the barn. After winning multiple world championships, she has become quite spoiled. But we love her anyway!


WALL-E is the most recent addition to our family and we couldn't be happier. He was actually rescued from a kill lot and is now in training to become a show horse. His favorite thing to is to stand at the corner of the pasture and watch cars pass by.

Wall-E Pic.jpeg
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