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Our Crepes

Our crepes are only offered at the Roll Shack Downtown location

Below you will find all of our handcrafted crepes that we make fresh to order right in front of you! If you don't see anything that fits your craving, don't fret. All of our crepes are full customizable, and you can also get any of our signature ice cream rolls made into a crepe too! Each crepe comes topped with powdered sugar and whipped cream.


The Zoe

You’re in for a sweet treat with this crepe! This crepe features oreos and vanilla frosting.



This is our version of a classic crepe. With lemon juice and sugar, this crepe is fresh and sweet.


The Ralphie

This crepe features chocolate and your choice of either strawberries or bananas.


The Dylan

This crepe features nutella and your choice of either strawberries or bananas.


The Early

This crepe is our take on a classic cinnamon roll. With warm cinnamon sugar and frosting, this crepe is rolled up to recreate the look of everyone’s favorite breakfast treat.


The Priscilla

This crepe is perfect for our peanut butter lovers out there! This roll is made with peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas.


The Mugsy

This crepe features delicious cinnamon apples and caramel. Perfect for our cinnamon lovers out there!


The King

Any of our signature crepe flavors can be upgraded to The King! If you get a crepe made King style, it will be served with two Mexican vanilla ice cream rolls!

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